Jabu Nala

Jabu Nala was born in 1969 in Oyaya, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. She is a potter, creating traditional clay Zulu Beer Pots. Jabu is the Daughter of Nesta Nala, who has a world-wide reputation for her classical forms and beer pots. Jabu was taught by her mother.

Jabu is a master of the uphiso form for the flattened slope towards the mouth of izinkamba. Jabu has an established an excellent reputation for herself in the South African ceramic art world. She is recognised for her larger vessels, her banded design work and her improvisations using the inkanyezi, or star design.

 Jabu makes use of two types of clay (red and grey) which are hand-dug from two areas near her home. The clay undergoes the traditional processes to produce the unique pots.

Image credit: Artsmart