Gideon Appah

Gideon Appah born in 1987 in Ghana, is a full time practising contemporary artist. While he is a Ghanaian Urban artist his work is shown in South African and many countries across the world​. Using a vast variety of mediums and environmental influences including: text, images, found objects and collage, Appah expresses his fascination and concern regarding contemporary media and popular culture. His works are abstract compilations of materials, symbols and textures.

With the generous support from both Goethe Accra and the Nubuke Foundation, Gideon Appah emerged as the winner of the First Merit Award by Barclays L’Atelier 2015. He was the first foreign artist to qualify in the competitions history.

Appah has participated in several exhibitions in Ghana since obtaining his Bachelor of Arts Degree at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in 2012. He has now shown his work in exhibitions internationally, gaining stature as an artist.

Image: Courtesy of artist