2020 Exhibitions

Cave Paintings & Light Boxes
Frederik Eksteen and Berco Wilsenach
24 October – 14 November 2020
The Sum of Unsettled Surfaces
Ross Passmoor & Kyra Papé
19th September – 17th October 2020
RMB Turbine Art Fair 2020
Online Exhibition
Participating Artists – Karin Daymond, Audrey Anderson and Mario Soares
August – September 2020
Between the Mark and the Grid
Wessel Van Huyssteen
Solo Exhibition
15th August – 12 September 2020
‘P’ is for Painting
Jenny Stadler
Solo Exhibition
18th July – August 8th 2020
Born in Soweto
Ramarutha Makoba
Solo exhibition
6th June – 27th June 2020
Buhle Nkalashe
Solo Exhibition
April – May 2020
“Stand a little less between me and the sun” – An exhibition about the necessarily not knowable held on the day that doesn’t exist.
Audrey Anderson
Solo Exhibition
February 28th – March 25th 2020