Tony Nkotsi

Tony Nkotsi a practising South African artist was born in 1955 in Johannesburg. Nkotsi studied at the Mofolo Art Centre where he met Dumisani Mabaso and Gordon Gabashane who had recently graduated from Rorke’s Drift. Inspired by these men, Nkotsi studied at the Rorkes Drift Art Centre (1982).

During his studies at Rorke’s Drift, Nkotsi explored printmaking and art making that linked to his political sentiments and interest in social issues.

Nkotsi was instrumental in setting up the Squzu Studio for printmaking at Mabaso’s home in Bertrams, Johannesburg with Dumasani Mabaso. Nkotsi also assisted with establishing the Hammanskraal Art Project and taught printmaking at the Open School (JHB) from 1984 and at The Federated Union of Black Artists (FUBA). In 1986 Nkotsi taught at the Johannesburg Art Foundation.

His arts community involvement lead to him participating in a number of Thupelo workshops including the Ujamaa International Artist’s Workshop in Mozambique.In 1988 Nkotsi was awarded a British Council scholarship to work at the Peacock Printmakers Studio in Aberdeen and at the Printmakers Workshop in Scotland.

Working in abstract expressionist forms Nkotsi participated in a solo exhibition and many group exhibitions locally and internationally.

Image: Courtesy of the artist