Studio Nxumalo


Founded by photographer Musa Nxumalo and writer Shandukani O. Mulaudzi, Studio Nxumalo is a cultural organisation that initiates and curates projects with local artists, writers, and thinkers. This is a Johannesburg studio that has quickly become renowned among local exhibition goers for its careful and considered curation. Their collections typically bring together unusual and engaging artworks that diverge from what can sometimes seem to be ubiquitous local art trends. By mixing new works by emerging, mid-career and established artists, there’s always something different to see.


The exhibition looks into a cloud of ideas that are explored by contemporary African artists that are currently living and working within South Africa.
The world is currently changing in front of our eyes, and it is unbelievable the amount of turmoil that humanity is enduring at the moment. Since the world was struck by the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been forced to reconsider our approach to life as we have always known and navigated it. This pandemic has yet again reminded us of our mortality in a manner that my generation has never witnessed and experienced before.
As a response to the fatigue of everyday mass media statistics about both the infections and mortality rates, conspiracy theories pertaining vaccines, spats regarding the origins of this pandemic and the discomfort caused by global lockdown regulations; Musa Nxumalo curates this exhibition with the intention of highlighting work being explored by contemporary visual artists actively engaging with concepts and producing work during this complex moment in our lifetime.
The exhibition functions as a search, not for reassurance, but for fluid ideas and thought processes that could possibly help us to continue to explore life, to live and be mindful of all the problems and opportunities during these trying times. In this instance, Nxumalo presents a selection of visual artists who are thought leaders and alternative voices of reason to pundits who have been showering us with overwhelming information and statistics through mass media.