Norman Catherine

Norman Catherine is a well known South African Artist. He was born in 1949 in East London, South Africa. He attended the EL Technical College Art School from 1967-1968 where he completed an art matric. Other than these two years he is for the most part a self-taught artist.

Catherine currently lives and works from his studio at the Hartbeespoort Dam where he has been since 1975. He lived in Los Angeles and New York during the 1980’s before returning to Hartebeesport.

Catherine works in multiple types of media: painting, sculpture, mixed media, printmaking, wall hangings and bronze. He has exhibited extensively in South Africa and internationally influencing many artists and art lovers. Catherine’s popularity grew significantly over the years since he held his first solo show in 1969 in Johannesburg.

As a prominent artist his work is included in most South African Art Museums and Corporate collections as well as in MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) and the Brooklyn Museum, both in NYC, USA.

Catherine’s art explores a dystopian vision of the socio-political landscape that had informed his psyche. History, horror, crime, conflict, psychoses, politics & pathologies were prominent stimuli for his creative output. His artworks situate themselves in contradictory dialogues of the macabre and the comic, a gasp and a giggle. He conveys his cynical vision through juxtaposition. There are no simple classifications for the genre of his work suffice to say that Catherine would revolt against any dogma or rigid definition anyway.

Image: Courtesy of artist