Laurel Holmes

Laurel Holmes is South African artist. Her work is inspired by land, water, its sense of place and the life it supports. She is deeply interested in the indigenous flora of South Africa which has come from generations of farming, plant propagation and love for the beauty these natural forms offer.

Laurel’s intense love for nature and natural places, its role in spiritual restoration, has strongly impacted her work and influences.

“This earth is what sustains us, its intricacies are endlessly fascinating and immeasurable and yet how irreverently this natural world is stewarded.” – Laurel

In 2012, Laurel left her career in corporate life to practice art full time. Over the years her practice inspirations and references remained rooted in the Cape landscape. Laurel’s studio is based in Cape Town where she now lives.

Laurel works mainly in painting and printmaking. Recently she has been experimenting with mixed media by creating layers and building complex, intriguing surfaces. Her artworks are produced intuitively in response to her environment. She pays particular attention to the patterns and order of forms that occur in nature.
She have works in local and international private collections and local corporate collections.

Image: Courtesy of artist