Hannes Harrs

Hannes Harrs was a painter, sculptor and print maker. He is renowned in South Africa and Europe. His abstract works are earthy and carry a clear influence from different parts of Africa. Harrs was born in 1927 in Eckernforde, Germany. His interest in certain cultures and memorabilia of African origin began in his early childhood. Harr’s uncle was a ship’s captain and at a stage he brought him artefacts from the continent. He was so interested and enthralled with them that he moved to South Africa in 1950. Harrs’ love for the different countries in Africa, its people and culture became a focus in his works.

“His respect for, and empathy with African culture is evident in the way he successfully transforms traditional imagery, yet his art is bound neither to time nor place. Unlike many artists who prefer to stick to safe and successful formulae, Harrs has the courage to venture into new realms. Harr’s work demonstrates how technical precision and creative vision are successfully united. It also reinforces Harrs’ refusal to be complacent with success. He refines, integrates and consolidated his past in order to break aesthetic boundaries. Harrs works in almost every medium including oils, graphics, sculpture and mixed media. He is represented by many galleries and museums in South Africa and beyond.”

Image and biography credit: Harrs’ son