Dumasani Mabaso

Dumisani Mabaso, a South African artist, was born in 1955 in Soweto. In 1970 to 1974 he studied art at the Mofolo Arts Centre and later completed a printmaking course at Rorke’s Drift Art School.

Mabaso taught at the YWCA and later at the Mofolo Arts Centre. In 1980-81 he was the head of the Fine Art department at the Federated Union of Black Artists (FUBA) in Newtown, Johannesburg. It was during this time that he studied printmaking at the Witwatersrand Technikon. He attended the New York Triangle Workshop (1986) and he participated in the Thupelo Workshops in Johannesburg (1987). Mabaso while being a practising artist became the co-founder with Anthony Nkosi of the Hammanskraal Workshop as well as taught printmaking at the Johannesburg Art Foundation and the African Institute of Art at Funda (Learning) Centre.

Mabaso (primarily a painter and print maker), makes abstract works which are intriguing and colourful. His practice is inspired by his interested in African traditional craft, texture, and patterns.

Mabaso has exhibited extensively in South Africa and abroad.