Opening ---- September 1st  

11:30 for 12.00   


1st - 29th of September 2018










Johan Conradie 


Featuring Artists: 


  AD- Reflex, Mandy Coppes-Martin, Ella Cornje, Christiaan Diedericks, Frederik Eksteen, Paul Emmanuel, Rivone Josie, Rory Klopper and Nkosikhona Ngcobo 



Conceived by artist and curator Johan Conradie, the exhibition reflects on art which has been made at either personal, social or political points of friction or pain, and which cut through the smooth, but also comforting surface of conventional culture.

In equal measure poetic and political, the artists that form part of the show explore the paradox of simultaneously forgetting and remembering the social scars of violent conflicts, whether as wounds, traces, or objects surviving from an earlier time.

Wounds are a rather thorny subject that has taken root in Western art, from classical depictions of vengeful gods, to the pious suffering of Christian saints, to modern art that grapples with more recent wars and injustices. The contemporary artists assembled for Wounds and relics are intended to show just how compelling the subject continues to be, even among artists who deliberately avoid its more traditional motifs.

Physical wounds manifest on our skin, advertising the past, its depravities and corruption. A physical scar/wound is a meeting place between inside and outside, a locus of memory, of bodily change. Like skin, a scar mediates between the outside and the inside, but it also materially produces, changes, and overwrites its site. However, a scar can also manifest itself as a psychological or emotional wound; an index of survival, it also marks the site of a deep-seated trauma. It may even be invisible, ghosting the psyche with its contradictions, at once a bottomless pit of sorrow and a potential wellspring of action.


 Please join us on Saturday, the 1st of September, at Gallery 2 for the opening of this group exhibition




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