Bowen Boshier

Bowen Boshier is an artist based in South Africa. He specialises in wilderness pencil drawings. He has been practising art and exhibiting his works since 1990. As an artist he has grown and as a result his artworks are in a number of private and bank collections. Bowen in has practice also produces limited edition reproductions. These reproductions are available in certain galleries across Southern Africa and internationally.

His studio is based in the wilds of Southern Africa, from which he draws much of his inspiration. He in addition has spaces in Cape Town and Klein Karoo.

“The planet we live on is blessed with spectacular landscapes and exquisite life forms. ” – Bowen Boshier

Artist Statement

Each of these holds an opportunity for us to understand the dynamics and complexities of existence. Through my works I intend to portray the beauty of our living system and the profoundness of its volume. Africa is particularly blessed with its vast open spaces and secret places, dramatic seasons and variety of life forms. Africa combines harshness with delicate detail, danger with delight, sunlight with storm. As evolving beings, we need to interact with nature, rather than just observe it. Through my drawings, I hope to inspire appreciation and a desire to explore the details and texture of life’s fabric.

Image: Courtesy of artist