My work explores recent pop culture and what I believe to be a contemporary obsession with sexuality, as well as certain experiences like anxiety, pleasure, violence, glamour, labour and death. All of which portray a subculture within post-modern urban life in Ghana. At the same time I believe my work, by using a common language, reflects a universal subject matter.I lived close to a slum, and the run down, neglected and corroded structures, informal signage and general deterioration of Accra’s urban landscape have had a strong influence on my work. The materials I use, such as carton boxes, ashes, rags, sack cloth, adinkraduro (local dye) also derive from my environment.

I explore and experiment without inhibition, fear or conformity: images and words, free flow, splashes and drips of paint, distortion, torn images, discarded and salvaged objects, collage and text. It is through these processes that I hope to evoke the sociocultural and economic landscape of Accra’s urban space, whilst at the same time challenging our perception of aesthetics. 

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