African Art Centre

Profile of the African Art Center

“An organisation of excellence which changes the lives of artists and crafters by empowering them through innovative skills training, development and promotion”

During the past 50 years the African Art Centre has provided thousands of artists and craftspeople with opportunities for self-employment and the realization of their talents.  Originally a project of the South African Institute of Race Relations, the Durban African Art Centre has, since 1984, operated as an autonomous, non-profit organization.  For the first three decades of its existence, it was guided by the late Jo Thorpe, who virtually single-handed, put Durban on the map as an important center of black artistic development. 

The African Art Centre has adapted to the changed political, economic and artistic landscape and has expanded its operations.  Through various marketing initiatives and with the assistance of their sponsors and supporters, they make every attempt to assists artists and crafters to tap into domestic, provincial, national and international markets.  They persistently provide a supportive environment and direct numerous individuals towards financial empowerment and self sustainability.